My Sisters!!


Hi have two sisters this fist blog is about my baby sister Daizee-Mai she is one.

Her birthday is 1st of December 2010 the time she was born was 9;13pm and she has lots of hair and she is blond she has big blue eyes she loves to play, she always watches baby jake and  in the night garden and she  loves Teletubbies on tv she has her own bouncer what she loves jumping up and down in that is about Daizee-mai.



This is about Jaycee she is cheeky she loves to sing everywhere she likes to play with Daizee-Mai me and Kyler.

She has a best friend called Faye and Grace at Nursery school her school is Millfield first School and she is always dressing up she loves the swing in the garden she playes on it all the time for ages. She loves hello kitty and  she always wants sweets she likes to dance and to sleep! Her birthday is on the 16th of september 2007  and that is all about jaycee.

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