Daizee-Mai Gets A Special Achievment Award

So we received a notification that our child was chosen to receive an award at a special assembly, given it was from Millfield School that could have meant either Jaycee or Daizee-Mai, we wouldn’t know to the day.

So I headed to the assembly hall after seeing the kids off (unsuspecting) on the school bus, with no idea on who it may be.

Fully equipped with my camera I found my spot in the hall so that I could get some pictures and video when the time came. The children all filtered into the hall and sat down, I’m not sure if they spotted me but if they did they would know that there was a possibility that one of them or both of them are going to receive an award.

After all the usual assembly formalities the awards began to flow, Miss Collins, Daizee-Mai’s teacher read out her awards and you probably guessed it by now Daizee-Mai was called out for her special achievements in PE, no matter what she is always eager to do PE and goes that extra mile, she was grinning from ear to ear as she collected her award stood in front of the whole school.

Well done Daizee-Mai, we’re all very proud of you xxx

Stay & Play For Father’s Day

So it was stay & play day for father’s at Daizee-Mai’s school today in aid of Father’s day on Sunday 21st and Daizee-Mai asked me if I would come along and play with her which I was delighted to be able to do this year.

Even though I had the whole day off work I decided to still get up early and hit the gym first, when I was done I headed home and actually saw all of the kids off to school for once which was really nice, once Kyler, Jaydan and Jaycee had been picked up by their school bus I dropped Daizee-Mai off at school in the car then headed home till it was time to go back to the stay and play hour.

When I went back Daizee-Mai and all of the other little children were all waiting for their Daddies to come and get them, not all Daddies made it so there was lots of surrogate children who were all to eager to borrow the Daddies that had come along too, as soon as Daizee-Mai saw me she beamed from ear to ear and ran straight into my arms for a big cuddle, such a loving little girl and I’m taking full advantage before she gets too old for cuddles or when it’s not cool to do that in public anymore!

So after our cuddle I asked Daizee-Mai what she wanted to do and we went outside for her to show me around the school garden, first up was the rope ladder where there were a few other girls waiting patiently in line to take it in turns to climb the ladder, they were definitely taught well, they took it in turns climbing up to the top and then were twisted by the other girls so they went round and round, Daizee-Mai managed to climb to the top a little precariously eventually and after some encouragement from her teacher, she was very brave indeed!

After the ladder we went for a quick swing on the swingy tyre, before stopping for a quick photo opportunity, and what a beautiful photo it was too, that smile and those big blue eyes!!

We headed to the field next where most of the other Dad’s and children were and the older children were all out on the field playing too, in fact we saw Jaycee running in when they blew the whistle to go back in at the end of break (that brought back a few memories!).

On the field we did all sorts of things, first we started by throwing bean bags into hoops on the floor, Daizee-Mai was pretty good at that, then Daizee-Mai was doing handstands with another little girl, both very good indeed, and then we had lots of throwing fun with various balls before it was time for the running races, first one was just a few children and eventually most of the children joined in, all of them received a winners medal for their excellent running efforts

Phew! that was all a lot of effort and hard work, there was just a little bit of time left to head back inside and have a quick play with some play doh, love the smell of that stuff, before it was time for the certificate presentation and surprise signing that the children had been busy working on over the coming week, we all sat in the coloured groups around the reception class where the certificates were handed around, and wow I really loved mine, literally made with Daizee-Mai’s own hands, and a cheeky footprint too!


After the certificate presentation it was time to sing the father’s day song which was lovely to hear and there was lots of clapping for children and parents before it was time to go, bless poor Daizee-Mai she so loved me being there and really didn’t want me to leave and was a little teary, fortunately Mrs. Gerring was on hand to give her a cuddle (and a few others) to let me get off.

The Father’s day stay and play was a fun time, it’s definitely good to see your kids and be there for them when you can as they grow up, they grow up so very fast it’s easy to miss moments like these so I’m glad I could make it, who know’s I may even make it next year too, but first we have school sports days in the next few weeks, both of which I have time off to be at so really looking forward to that, watch this space, new blogs coming soon!

Showtime: Charlotte’s Web 2015

Showtime was finally here and we were all very excited to go and see Kyler perform in the Charlotte’s Web play at the Gordon Craig theater after two weeks of hard work from audition, rehearsal through to the actual show!

So we decided not to go and watch Kyler on his first show date because we didn’t want to put him off, we know how nervous he gets performing especially in front of us, which is a shame as he is actually really good, at least that way he would get the best possible start, and from the feedback we had from many other parents who had watched the first shows he was amazing, this only heightened our anticipation to see him.

So when showtime came around for us we were all bristling with excitement, we headed over to the Gordon Craig, parked up and posted him in the stage door round the back before heading in and finding our seats inside the theater.

The matinee was fairly quiet, the theater was about half full, for some reason they were selling annoying flashy lights to the kids, the type that people buy on fireworks night, not quite sure why they do that, it’s annoying for people watching and I can’t think it would be too great for the actors but there you go, so I had to sit with an annoying flashy light thing in my eyes pretty much the whole show, I can tell you I was close to wanting to stuff that thing somewhere it didn’t belong!

Anyway aside from that the show got going and to our surprise Kyler was on the stage pretty much from the beginning, it was quite disconcerting actually, he was playing the young “Wilbur” pig who was the runt of the pack that the farmer was about to dispatch, picking up his axe heading off to do the dastardly dead it suddenly dawned on me that was my son this grizzly man was about to chop up, the parental possesiveness kicked in and I was ready to jump on the stage and take care of this man when “Fern” the farmers daughter felt the same sentiment and persuaded the farmer to spare the little runt, panic over!

Before we knew it on came Kyler with a spring in his step, throwing himself across the stage without a care in the world and we were the most proud parents in the audience, OK probably not but in our world we were, little Wilbur soon became big Wilbur Kyler’s older counterpart (Will Breckin) and Kyler hot footed it for one of many costume changes as he also played a boy and a gosling both parts were main parts, he was on stage throughout most of the 2+ hour performance.

Miss Julie his dance teacher left him and her other students in the show a balloon and some goodies to congratulate them all, this show was quite simply the best show I have seen in a long time, OK maybe I’m a little bias but hey, quite frankly we thought the show was so good that we had no choice but to pay to see it again the next day and the last show of the series, and I have to say I thought this was his best performance, which might have been because he didn’t know we were going to watch him again, I don’t think he spotted us in the audience until halfway through so if there weere any nerves around us being there they weren’t showing.

Well done Kyler your first show was simply amazing, and he can’t wait to do it all again so we can’t wait to see him again most likely at Christmas time, I think there are plans lined up for him already!!

Fluttering Around Butterfly World, St. Albans

So today while Kyler was busy doing his rehearsals the girls and myself decided to head over to Butterfly World in St. Albans, we had tickets to go last year but never got around to going!

The weather was a bit fresh and quite wet, so after folding up the bouncy castle we headed over to St. Albans armed with coats, jumpers and boots ready to do battle with the elements, by the time we made it to Butterfly World the sun was shining but it was still quite fresh out there so we parked up the car, grabbed our coats and headed in.

After a quick toilet stop we headed into the first hut which is completely dedicated to leaf cutter ants, it’s pretty well setup in there, with the leafs required to keep them ants busy busy and a good round trip filled with obstacles back to their nest, the ants were minding their own business taking care of every day business in almost military precision, extremely fascinating to watch indeed!

Next up was a hut with all sort of other insects, including various praying mantis, scorpions, cockroaches and all sorts of other interesting bugs, some of which the kids were allowed to handle, and some that the staff members gleefully told us can’t be handled because they like to bite and bite hard, nasty!!

So the real hut we came to see was the butterfly hut, not quite as big as you imagine considering the place is called Butterfly World, but still full of beautiful butterflies and HUGE moths, and pretty much as soon as you walk in you find yourself ducking and diving as butterflies flutter around you, and if you are lucky landing on your head and hands in my case on my leg.

The girls loved watching these amazing insects flutter around and even managed to handle quite a few, question is why are these beautiful animals only in this world for such a small time, approximately 2 weeks as an adult and their main purpose is to breed!!

After spending quite a bit of time in with the butterflies there was just a little bit of time left before we had to head off to pick up the boy (Kyler) so we went back to the insect area where there was a lady doing face painting and the girls got their face painted, Daizee-Mai was a pretty butterfly (what else!) and Jaycee wanted to be different and had some flowers painted.

After the faces were painted we headed outside where there’s a pretty big play area with some pretty amazing equipment including a very large ant sculpture, you can see how small the girls look next to it!

All in all a pretty good few hours out especially if you like bugs and butterflies, probably wouldn’t advise paying full price in the summer, we think it’s a little pricey at that rate but well worth it out of main season or if you have Tesco Clubcard points you want to use!

Feeding Our Feathered Friends in Fairlands Valley , Stevenage

It was such a lovely sunny day I thought we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go and feed our little feathered friends in Fairlands Valley, Stevenage with the two younger girls, we were heading over to Stevenage anyway to drop Kyler off for rehearsals.

Kyler has been doing rehearsals for the impending Charlotte’s Web play at the Gordon Craig theatre since Monday, albeit he only got there for a part day on Monday as we got the wrong dates and had to drive to get him from Southend where he had gone with his sisters and Uncle John and Mandy for the day, which was the absolute worst day that could have happened, the traffic was gridlock both ways, anyway I digress, Kyler needs to get to Stevenage for 10am so as I am still on holiday and Paula was at work and Jaydan was out at a friend’s house I had to take him, Daizee-Mai and Jaycee with me to Stevenage.

After dropping Kyler off myself and the girls headed into Tesco to grab some bread for our imminent feather friend feeding trip, some bananas to keep us fueled and randomly some wind up chattering teeth as Jaycee found a broken one on the floor outside the shop and wanted one, the things you do eh, we also had to nip into B&Q as I needed a new lock for my locker at the gym, my other one broke!

So once we did all that we headed to Fairlands Valley, parked up, grabbed our bread and in Jaycee’s case her wind up teeth and headed off to the water areas, there was lots of races up and down the path as we walked, we stopped for some pictures with the daffodils and other picture opportunities before eventually getting to the first water area, there were a few Canadian geese and a few pairs of Mallards so we split the bread up and started feeding, Daizee-Mai got so into it that she lost all awareness of where she was standing so when I looked up from the camera I noticed she was actually standing in the water! never mind…

We carried on walking round and found the next area with more feathered friends, this time, Canadian geese, more Mallards, white geese, swans and moorhens, there was even a Heron watching and waiting high up in the trees, Daizee-Mai was a little more unsure here as there were so many birds that really didn’t seem to fear us, apart from the white goose hissing at us, that they were mobbing us for our bread, so she stuck pretty close to me, there was one funny goose that was very inquisitive and was not camera shy one bit!

After feeding the birds we headed to the climbing frames right next to the biggest area of water where they sail and do bigger water sports, the girls enjoyed jumping about and doing the circuit over and over asking for help in the higher areas.

All in all a great day and the girls real enjoyed themselves together, normally they fight like cat and dog but I guess that’s just siblings for you!!