DJ Is Off!! …. She Has Taken Her First Steps!!

She has finally taken her first steps!!

DJ took a step in the day from her Jumperoo to her walker and i thought maybe she would start to take a few more steps and she did, she did it as soon as Daddy and Kyler went off to Karate, she walked from the sofa to her books , i texted Daddy and told him and sent a clip over to him and lucky enough Karate had been cancelled so e came home again and she started walking everywhere!!

Bless her the fun really is going to start now and in time for our family holiday to Turkey!!!

Herbie Turns 3 Years Old

To look at Herbie now you would never believe that he was a skinny neglected in a state little under 10hh pony when we got him, his feet were in a right state he came walking on his heels and was riddled with lice! Fast forward to today he is just over 13hh and nearly as wide, his coat is a gorgeous shiny black and his mane and tail are looking more like Rapunzel each day!

He is still a bit of a cheeky boy when he wants to be, but so much better now he has been gelded, he is growing up to be a handsome boy!

School Trip To Lincolnsfields

I really enjoyed going to lincolnsfields. I had an extraordinary adventure their and would love to go there again any day.

I mostly enjoyed the campfire and the soft play. At the campfire, we sang lots of tremendous songs and had a little BBQ. It was delicious! The fire was all colourful, fiery orange, bright red and dark yellow.

The soft play was very fun! The drop slide was fun. It wasn’t open last year so we were lucky. We only had an hour in the play barn but it was very fun. Some people were scared of the drop slide and didn’t want a go but I wasn’t scared and had four goes. One of our teachers had a go and it was funny!

The dorms were very big and I got to share a dorm with my friends. The dorms each had a colour. I was in lime. There was also Blue, Red, Purple, Orange and Aqua. There was a spare dorm, Green wchich was used for people that felt sick or people that had messed around. Also the showers were really warm and the food was really nice. I liked that you could choose from a variety of things for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. On one day we got to eat lunch outside which I thought was really nice. I liked it that each dorm group had clean up on a meal.

It only took one and a half hours to get their so it didn’t take that long to get there and back. On the way there, I fell to sleep and my friends had to wake me up witch my friends thought was very funny!

The parachute games was very fun. We played cat and mouse, fruit salad and other fun games. We played a few ball games and my favourite ball game was dougeball (dodgeball) and loved throwing the balls at lots of people.

We went grubs on a treasure hunt! We also went on a bug hunt and I caught a massive, slimy worm. I also caught a millipedes, centrepeads (centipede), crookroacks (cockroaches), woodlice, yellow woodlice, earwigs, caterpillars, spiders, maggots, grubs and glowworms.

We also done a hunt with cards that had Questions on them and we had to answer them. Are (our) team won out of all four teams! We had a few Quiz’s about different subjects, geography, music and maths. We came third out of all the other groups.

Duncan’s Hit The Durham Dales!

It’s almost a year since the Duncan’s went on holiday to Turkey so we were all excited to be going away again, we booked a week’s stay in a lovely private cottage in Durham Dales a beautiful part of the country.

We drove up on Friday which was only supposed to be a 3 hour drive but in reality it was over six hours, the A1 although has probably improved over the years was just hell, lots of roadworks and lorries slowing everything down, it was the hottest day of the year so far and with no air conditioning working (something I have moaned at Paula about for years, she still hasn’t listened!) it made for an uncomfortable trip.

When we did finally arrived we were amazed at the beautiful views and countryside sites, we live in the middle of the country but this was another level.

The place we stayed at was called Bowlees Cottages and was a lovely farm with a bunch of cottages you can hire some of them have their own hot tub and there’s an indoor heated swimming pool in the middle of them that also has a hot tub and a games room which is effectively just a snooker table.

For the first weekend we were in a cottage that didn’t have it’s own hot tub but was absolutely huge and ideal for Djorgee-Ann to crawl around without having to worry about her too much, and that she did!! from Monday to Friday we moved cottages to one that did have it’s own hot tub but wasn’t so friendly for Djorgee-Ann so we had to buy her a walker just to keep her under control.

Aside from generally chilling, enjoying the lovely views, swimming, relaxing in the hot tub daily and the occasional game of snooker Durham is SURROUNDED with various Castles and English Heritage sites something I get free access to as part of my bank account so we took advantage of that and visited a number of the sites all of which were amazing, the kids loved clambering over the ruins of the castles and climbing up the top of the towers too.

There’s also a load of woodland forest areas and a natural waterfall called Highforce Waterfall which we did visit and was amazing, it was a bit of effort with a buggy to get down to so we had to leave the buggy up the top and climb down to the river and rocks at the bottom of the falls, it was well worth the bother though, this natural phenomenon was simply breathe taking and the kids all loved it including DJ.

We generally just ate back at the cottage as the kitchen was good enough to make cooking possible, we did however eat out at a restaurant called Man vs Food Grill House, Kyler’s absolute dream, and boy did he take up the challenge, though I think it beat him, he was STUFFED but the food was great so well worth it if you ever come across one in your travels.

Family Trip To Strensham

We planned to go to see Uncle Rod, Aunt Pauline and cousin Katie (More Duncan’s) over in Strensham, Worcestershire, before Christmas but what with one thing and another the diaries just wouldn’t add up together so we arranged to go after the Christmas buzz had passed us by, it also meant the kids got more Christmas presents after Christmas, always a winner!!

The plan was to head up to a hotel halfway on the Friday as I wouldn’t get home from work till late and then carry on in the morning on Saturday. As ever these things are all perfect in an ideal world, but lets face the world is far from ideal most of the time and this was no exception.

Lots of illness over Christmas, Jaycee with a sickness bug that kept her bed ridden for four days, Jaydan with such a bad ear infection that it resulted in a burst ear drum and yep you guessed it another illness struck again keeping Daizee-Mai off school on Friday with the sickness bug which threw it all up in the air, we decided to hang it out Friday at home and hope DM was better the next day to travel up and she was, though we had a bit of a moment when we stopped and she came over all sick, thankfully we had driven most of the way so there was only twenty minutes left to go till we arrived at our final destination, Strensham.

It’s been quite a few years since we’ve made the trip over to see them, about five or six years according to some old photos that Rod had taken that he gave us, so the kids have grown LOADS, in fact it was so long that Daizee-Mai was probably the same age as Djorgee-Ann the last time they saw her.

Pauline made one of her infamous beef pies for the adults, Kyler wanted some too, Jaycee and Daizee-Mai had chicken and chips but I don’t think they were too hungry though.

After a night of catching up and chatting Paula took Djorgee-Ann up to bed and Daizee-Mai went up too, Pauline wasn’t too far behind, Kyler and Jaycee however took full advantage of Dad and Rod chatting while Katie was dozing on and off on the sofa, it was a shade before midnight before Paula text me to send them up, whoops bad Daddy!

We spent most of the day on Sunday and left around 5pm so ended up getting home just after 9pm after a quick stop at Baldock services on the way past so we didn’t have to mess about getting dinner, it was a school night after all.

It always goes far too fast when we go to Strensham, we WILL be back in summer though when the weather is nicer and we can stay longer and enjoy the river and being outside, till then!!

The Newest Duncan in 4D! – Babybond Cambridge

Today was a very exciting day as today was the day we got to see our newest addition to the Duncan Family!

Today we was 28 weeks pregnant so hoped to get a good look at our new addition and the kids were excited to see baby for the first time too, we decided to go to Babybond in Cambridge as they do HD and also we had our Nipt Test done there for a high downs test result.

We were booked in early as we wanted to make a day or it in Cambridge after, on the way to the scan baby was very active so was hoping he/she would stay like that so we can get a good look at what he/she looks like!

We booked in and went through to the scan room and soon had a glimpse of baby, well baby’s arm and hands!! Baby was head down and cuddled into my placenta so getting a look at his/her cute face was not as easy as we thought!!

The lady tried with me on my side and also i had to stand and jump up and down a few times to see if you would move away from my placenta, we got a little look at you in between you having your hands and arms in front of your face, and you also got hiccups which was very cute! and you even started sucking on your arm to try and get rid of them!

We got to see all you was going to let us see, so until next time when you will be 32 weeks old when mummy and daddy will get to see you again for the last time till we meet you for real!!

Bye for now cutie!! xx

In a Heartbeat – For The First Time!

Our Professional Baby Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor 3Mhz Backlit LCD Display turned up this morning which meant we had to be patient and wait till the evening before we could try it out and listen to you for the first time.

Daddy tried with all his might to find that exciting little racing heartbeat of yours but failed miserably, no panic though, Mummy found you so Daddy just videoed it instead, here you go, this is you in Mummy’s tummy for the first time #exciting #real