A Sunny October Day At The Stables

Today it was a lovely sunny October afternoon so after collecting Daizee-Mai from Nursery we decided to go and spend some time with the horses we share.

So off we went Millie the little lovely is poorly she has laminitus so is on stable rest and feeling quite sorry for herself!

So that just left Sienna, we got her in gave her a groom and took her in the school so we could both ride, Daizee-Mai wanted to go first so I lifted her all the way up and she sat on very happy



Daizee-Mai loved being so high up as we walked about well until Mummy got tired legs and it was her turn to be carried about! 



Sienna liked being made a fuss of and Daizee-Mai made good friends with her! 

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo – Daizee-Mai’s Pre-Birthday Trip

With it being so perilously close to Daizee-Mai turning 4 we all decided to celebrate her last day of being 3 by heading over to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to see all of the animals in this fantastic huge open zoo.

So before heading out Jaycee wanted me to plait her hair so I gave her the three plaits plaited into one option which isn’t the fastest of all things to do, especially when the head keeps wiggling around, of course Daizee-Mai wanted the same once she saw Jaycee with it.

So once everyone had their hair done and got their coats and warm clothes together we all headed out, although not cold there was still a lot of fog in the air, it was sunny most of the way but as we got nearer the fog got heavier and heavier which was a little worrying obviously, when we arrived the fog had lifted a little but not much and the air was a little chilly to say the least, so we all got wrapped up warm ready to get walking, this place is HUGE so there was definitely plenty of that ahead!

It’s been years since either Paula or myself have been to Whipsnade and it was the first time any of the kids have been so we were all quite excited, we head through the maize of cages, doors and walkways ready to head into the zoo,

Once we had paid we were straight in, it’s so vast though it’s difficult to know where to start or where to go, we did, with the help of the map and a little deviation, get our bearings and soon found ourselves stumbling across loose monkjacks (something that we eventually realised were absolutely rife throughout the whole of the park) and and solitary moose that didn’t look desperately amused, it was just sitting around looking rather unimpressed about the whole situation, but that’s hardly surprising to see on a foggy winter’s morning, there was nothing wrong with the habitat that was particularly spacious!

There were lots of animals that Daizee-Mai wanted to see but none more so than the Giraffes’s and of course her absolute favourite as they have always been since “Happy Feet” were the penguins, fortunately by the time we reached both of those the fog had lifted the blue skys were prevalent and the sun was shining, even if there was still a little chill in the air, that made it all the better!

The views across the park are simply breath taking a s you can see from this panoramic shot.

Here’s a selection from the rest of the animals that we met around the park.

We even saw Santa’s reindeer’s looking rather relaxed hanging with the monkjacks, perhaps they are conserving all of their energy ready for Christmas eve’s activities.

Even the steam train from the Polar Express is getting ready for Christmas.

It was a top day out in the end and certainly a memorable way to see out your first 3 years of being alive, sleep tight princess for tomorrow you will be “This big”.

Winners At The School Christmas Fair – November 2014

Today was the the day of the school Christmas fair at Millfield, Daizee-Mai was wanting to go since I collected her from Nursery at 11.45am so keeping her waiting till 4.30pm was hard work, once the others had got home they all got changed and ready for the Fair!!

Off we went armed with our money ready to get some goody’s, firsty we headed to the Chocolate tombola where Jaycee won 1 chocolate Santa and kyler and Daizee-Mai won 2 each!, after that we waited at the cracker tombola where they all did very well and came back 6 crackers, on to the cake stall and the Daizee-Mai found a Loom band tombola (like we need any more loom bands!) but they all had a go each and Jaycee won a big bag of loom bands and Daizee-Mai a big box!!

Autumn Fun In The Park

So the clocks went back an hour last night which means two things, firstly it’s an extra hour in bed… yay! and secondly it’s the start of not just dark morning (for me) but early dark nights too… boo!

So with the extra hour in bed we probably didn’t actually have the extra hour in bed at all, we went out early to check out the car boot sale which on arrival had shut down so we carried on through to Harlow and we were out so early that nothing was open!

Eventually everything opened and we had a mooch around, picked up some Christmas stuff, and various bits and pieces including a dart board of all items, grabbed a Subway for a bite to eat before heading back home, Paula had to get to the stables for some glorious “poo picking” yum, I can’t think of anything more fun to do… well actually I can, take the kids to the park for some fun!!

So we all jumped in our cars and went our separate ways, poo picking for Paula (that has a ring about it) while the kids and me headed for the local park for a jolly good time armed with our coats and a football.

Once we got there there was plenty of horsing around (pardon the pun) and no picking or poo as a matter of fact, in site as everyone jumped on the rocking horse, all seats were taken up with either children or their new teddies and the rocking began, looked great fun.

Then it was a was a round robin of all the other play things, from the slide (teddies an’ all) to the swings to the climbing and platforms along with lots of laughing, screaming and fun fun fun!!

After all that everyone wanted to have a kick about with the football, so we all stood in a big circle and played passing to each other, even the girls had an impressive kick on them!

Once we all had enough of football, it was starting to get dark and the temperature was dropping, there was one final round robin of the park equipment and I decided it was time to go home, Daizee-Mai was a little stubborn and wanted me to push her on the swing a little longer, which I did but said once she stops swinging we were going, and I would treat everyone to hot chocolate, I thought that would be temptation enough but the little monkey insisted on staying on her swing to the last!!

So we did eventually get home and as promised I made the hot chocolate which EVERYONE enjoyed very much, and who doesn’t love a bit of hot chocolate to warm the cockles eh!

Here’s a video round-up of today’s events!

Daizee-Mai Brings Home A Friend From Nursery!!

When I went to collect Daizee-Mai from Nursery she started to tell me that she had been collecting fallen coloured leaves from the trees in the playground but someone had taken them.

So I said we could collect a few more before we went home so off she ran across the playground and collected some lovely coloured leafs.

We got in the car and then went home once at home after took her leaves out of the car and put them down in the garden and Mummy spotted a little friend she had brought home by mistake!!! … A lovely green and black hairy caterpillar!!




His name is Colin and he is now happy living on our blossom tree munching his way through the leafs of it, he will turn into a moth when he is much fatter I hope I get to see him then!