Purple Belt Passed, Now The Fun Begins

I was supposed to take my purple belt grading before Christmas last year but what with all the events that went on I didn’t get around to it and to be fair wasn’t really in the mood anyway, but since returning to karate again this year things have progressed so well that Bill and Sue felt that I was ready to take my grading.

So tonight was grading time and although I felt pretty relaxed about the whole thing maybe I was a little too relaxed, the grading started a little nervously to say the least but once I got going the confidence came back a bit and things started going better.

After about half an hour the grading was over and it ended with dinner terminology which is always a bit tough but I actually got in pretty well with 6 out of 7 correct ski maybe things are starting to go in there a little.

After a minor anxious wait Bill announced that I passed but also said he’d seen me a lot better so I guess it was a bit of a bad day in the office but I did enough to get paid, turned out the scores weren’t as bad as I thought, 8/10 for basics, 8/10 for kata and 8/10 for kumite not the straight 10′s I’m capable of but could be a lot worse.

So in legendary karate you didn’t really start fighting till you reach purple grade so now the serious work starts now, the main aim idea brown belt by the close of the year.


The hard work started tonight with me learning bassai dai a fairly upper belt kata, not so difficult just a matter of learning the moves!


Teddy Not In Space Daddy!!

Well today Daddy upset me a little bit he showed me the car advert on TV where everything was floating in space and told me it was my Teddy!!

I didn’t want Teddy to be up there and wanted him back…. I got a bit upset really as i really did believe that he had gone all the way up there!

I just had to go and check in my bed as that is where I left him! Naughty teddy if he has gone!

After a little bit of looking for Teddy he was hiding under my covers maybe he had been and was hiding from me as he knew I would be cross or maybe Daddy hid him to make me think he had gone! Gulp!

Main thing is he isn’t on the Moon he is safe in my arms now …. Daddy you are so naughty sometimes!!


Off For a Trip To The Opticians

So three of us headed off to the opticians today to get the eyes tested, it should have been Jaydan, Kyler and Jaycee but seeing as Jaydan swerved it to go to a party (Grace’s) I did the right thing and went in place of her, I needed my eyes tested again anyway, it’s been 4 years or so since I was last done and I definitely think the eyes have degraded a little since then.

First up was Kyler, lots of squinting, reading letters on charts that I couldn’t read sitting next to the bloody thing, and it turns out he suffers my issue which is slightly long sighted, no glasses for him though as he probably still needs to grow into his eyeballs whatever that means lol

Jaycee was next and she did really well, she has no problems at all, the optician was amazed at how well she could read for a 6 year old, she said lots of people her age and even older can’t read as well, sound the alphabet phonics like an adult so all good, wtg Jaycee!!

Last up (obviously) was myself, I definitely struggled a lot more than the kids, that made me feel my age, and the diagnosis was as expected, I am long sighted with eyeballs the shape of rugby balls, I definitely need glass for computer work and probably watching TV later at night when the old eyes get a bit tired, not sure if I have worsened since my last test, but I will take my glasses back in tomorrow to check and see and will have the glasses reglazed if necessary.


Can You Believe Tooth Number 2!

It wasn’t a really long wait for tooth number 2 really which I was quite pleased about but I did like to wobble my second wobbly tooth with my tounge!, Daddy told me to enjoy it while I can … he was right!


Now I have a big gap and I look funny but I think I sound funny too!

I hope my new teeth don’t take to long to come as it feels really funny without teeth there!

Jaycee 1st tooth out.

My First Ever Visit From The Tooth Fairy!

Well today I had a big surprise!!! My tooth came out :)

I had been waiting for this to happen for ages but today was the day I kept wobbling it and complaining it was sore and mum kept saying “leave it alone it your making it sore wobbling it! So I left it alone and went and ate my apple and bam out it came I was so happy as means I can use my new tooth tin I got from Santa for Christmas :)

So I popped it in the tin and couldn’t wait to go to bed and put it under my pillow to see what I would get for my very first ever baby tooth!

As soon as I woke up in the morning I took a look under my pillow for my tin to see what I had been left! There was a shiny gold pound coin and a shiny silver 20p … And a little note to say not to be scared of things at night and the extra 20p was for being brave :)

I really hope that my next tooth comes out soon so I can see what I get next time :)