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Autumn Fun In The Park

So the clocks went back an hour last night which means two things, firstly it’s an extra hour in bed… yay! and secondly it’s the start of not just dark morning (for me) but early dark nights too… boo!

So with the extra hour in bed we probably didn’t actually have the extra hour in bed at all, we went out early to check out the car boot sale which on arrival had shut down so we carried on through to Harlow and we were out so early that nothing was open!

Eventually everything opened and we had a mooch around, picked up some Christmas stuff, and various bits and pieces including a dart board of all items, grabbed a Subway for a bite to eat before heading back home, Paula had to get to the stables for some glorious “poo picking” yum, I can’t think of anything more fun to do… well actually I can, take the kids to the park for some fun!!

So we all jumped in our cars and went our separate ways, poo picking for Paula (that has a ring about it) while the kids and me headed for the local park for a jolly good time armed with our coats and a football.

Once we got there there was plenty of horsing around (pardon the pun) and no picking or poo as a matter of fact, in site as everyone jumped on the rocking horse, all seats were taken up with either children or their new teddies and the rocking began, looked great fun.

Then it was a was a round robin of all the other play things, from the slide (teddies an’ all) to the swings to the climbing and platforms along with lots of laughing, screaming and fun fun fun!!

After all that everyone wanted to have a kick about with the football, so we all stood in a big circle and played passing to each other, even the girls had an impressive kick on them!

Once we all had enough of football, it was starting to get dark and the temperature was dropping, there was one final round robin of the park equipment and I decided it was time to go home, Daizee-Mai was a little stubborn and wanted me to push her on the swing a little longer, which I did but said once she stops swinging we were going, and I would treat everyone to hot chocolate, I thought that would be temptation enough but the little monkey insisted on staying on her swing to the last!!

So we did eventually get home and as promised I made the hot chocolate which EVERYONE enjoyed very much, and who doesn’t love a bit of hot chocolate to warm the cockles eh!

Here’s a video round-up of today’s events!


Daizee-Mai Brings Home A Friend From Nursery!!

When I went to collect Daizee-Mai from Nursery she started to tell me that she had been collecting fallen coloured leaves from the trees in the playground but someone had taken them.

So I said we could collect a few more before we went home so off she ran across the playground and collected some lovely coloured leafs.

We got in the car and then went home once at home after took her leaves out of the car and put them down in the garden and Mummy spotted a little friend she had brought home by mistake!!! … A lovely green and black hairy caterpillar!!




His name is Colin and he is now happy living on our blossom tree munching his way through the leafs of it, he will turn into a moth when he is much fatter I hope I get to see him then!


❤ Lovely Early Evening Ride Out With Jaycee ❤

Today Jaycee and I went up the stables and took Sienna and Millie out for a lovely early evening country walk up the bridleway to Buntingford.

Girls were waiting to come in at the gate but so was all the other horses so it was a case of sneak them out quick!

Gave them a good groom tacked them up and then off we went for a lovely summer evening ride.

We had a few lovely trots as Jaycee is just getting the hang of it now :) and the horses seem to enjoy being out just as the sun was going down leaving a gorgeous orange glow in the sky.



Once we got back the girls were all ready for dinner and a nice munch on the hay, after of course we had a selfie with Millie 🐴





MineCraft Camping Party – Kyler’s Best Friend’s (Joseph) Birthday

It was a long time coming (in my eyes), finally it was time to go to Joseph’s Minecraft camping party and I was dead excited, I’ve been waiting to open my head lamp for what seems eons!!

So we didn’t have to get to Josephs party at Lee Valley Campsite till 3pm so most of the morning was spent packing up my stuff and a lot of waiting around, Daddy was on Ballet duty in the morning with Daizee-Mai then Mummy took Jaycee to her Ballet and tap dancing.

We eventually left at around 2:30pm after a lot of mucking about packing etc. and turning around to get something we had forgotten (always the way), bearing in mind it’s a 40 minute journey I kept looking at my watch and Daddy kept telling me to “Chill out” but how could I, I have been waiting for this day for like a century (or close to it).

So when we EVENTUALLY got there there were a few of my friends and their parents already there (but not all of them) and I left Daddy to get on with his introductions to all the other parents, unpacking the car and sorting the sleeping arrangements while I got on with important stuff which was PLAYING!!

There was lots of things to do in the campsite, Joseph’s Dad had set up loads of grass games including football and this stick chucking game (not sure what it’s called) amongst other things, there were also a load of climbing frames so we ran between all of the playing options not really knowing what to do next.

After much play it was time for our picnic, there were all the usual sundries like sandwiches, cheese on a stick, sausage/sausage rolls and not to mention cakes, sweets and biscuits, yes we all loaded up before getting back on with our play time where we all played a big football match while the parents stood around the edge longingly wanting to play with us, it wasn’t too long before that happened and it was a mass action filled football match old and young, it was Dad’s versus Mum’s and kids, I think it was fairly evenly matched, particularly as the Dad’s tired out, there was far more of us than them!!

Dark was what we were all REALLY waiting for, it was time for us to adorn all of our light accessories including head lamps and in my case coloured finger lamps, it was cool, VERY cool, we all ran around in the dark playing various games that quite frankly the adults wouldn’t understand and on that basis they all just sat around the campsite drinking beer and wine and sharing boring old stories!

It was quite cold, but not for us kids, we had it all sussed out, running around in the freezing cold is the key to keeping that body temperature up NOT sitting around drinking as the adults soon found out, there was an awful lot of shivering going on over there as the temperatures approached sub zero, personally I don’t know what all the fuss was about!!

Dinner was boxes and boxes of Pizza ordered in and delivered to the gate and soon added a warmer feel to the atmosphere for the adults as the TEF kicked in (that’s the thermic effect of food for those of you that don’t know), who doesn’t love pizza though, it wasn’t long before we were all stuffed full of glorious pizza which as far as we were concerned was just more fuel to keep us going a little longer, or at least until the BBQ was lit ready for toasted marshmallows, well when I say toasted they were probably more slightly melted as the BBQ kinda didn’t light in the way that it should have so was more of a smoulder than a roar!!

After a while of hide and seek in the dark (I found some great places and couldn’t be found) and a bit more running around we all decided it was time to climb into our jim jams and that was the cue for the parents to come to the executive decision (collectively I might add) to send us all to bed, I think more so they could continue drinking into the night and share adult type stories out of earshot from us kids something I think they may have regretted slightly as the temperature only continued to go one way and that was DOWN, eventually shivering through to the bone they all retired into the camping huts, which although had oil radiators where by no means warm, particularly in the middle of March which incidentally was snowing last year.

After breakfast, the minecraft cakes were brought out and birthday songs were sung and a little more shivering for the adults as they continued their sitting around vigil (minus the beer) it was time to pack up and go home, I LOVED this weekend it met every expectation I had all I can say really is thanks Joseph’s parents …. same time next year?


My First Birthday Party – Penny Is 3

Well today was pretty exciting for me as it was my first time to go to a friends birthday party, it was Penny’s 3rd birthday which she had around her house and it was a cake decorating party!

Jaycee came with me and so did Daddy, as soon as we arrived it was straight into action, the table was packed with other children and cake decorating equipment, this was going to get messy!

Once we found a spot at the table first up were chocolate cup cakes, Daddy helped me apply liberal amounts of chocolate icing sugar over the top and then it was straight into the charged flakes it was for me, I generously applied the flakes in peak formation and I think it looked pretty good to me, I think Daddy agreed, Jaycee also went with the peak formation and also did a pretty good job, there eye plenty more chocolate cupcakes to go around so I had another go and went with more of a sprinkle approach with the chocolate crumbs on the 2nd.

Next came out the biscuits and icing sugar, Day helped me draw a person in the yellow icing I chose then I decorated it with the various toppings that were available, I thought mine was pretty well covered with tons but then I saw Jaycee’s version and realised maybe I could have fitted more on with a little effort.

Last to decorate were vanilla cupcakes, and I really went to town on this one splashing as many icing sugar colours on as I could then loading it up with toppings, I was well pleased with the focal result, all of my cakes and biscuit were put into my very own bag with my name on for me to take home and show everyone and eat later on.

After a bit of play time with all of the children we all say around the table and had some party food, I just ate grapes but Jaycee had a bit of everything, there wasn’t really enough room for everyone to sit around the table so there was overspill onto the sofa where Jaycee sat with the older reception children, of course I wanted to be there too, eventually I managed to squeeze my bum onto the already overcrowded sofa not wanting to miss out!

After food and a bit more playing around it was time for pass the parcel and we all won a small pack of Haribo each then we played musical statues and other dancing games till it was time to sing happy birthday to Penny and for her to blow out her candle on the Peppa Pig cake she had for birthday, which was handed out for all of us to eat before it was time to go home.

Well it sure was fun to finally go to a birthday party and I’m sure there will be many more to come, like Jaydan who was going to her friends 12th pay disco later today, it’s tiring stuff this party business, time for some shut eye!