Having grown up with Mr. Papworth (Wayne) in Whaddon near Cambridge for many years life did what it does, you grow up, you get a car, girlfriends, job yada yada and you lose touch, that’s just the way it is right! Enter the world wide web and social platforms like Facebook, suddenly the world gets a little smaller, you connect with all the people you know from now and in the past and every once in a while there’s a little gem in there!

Wayne got in touch with me through Facebook as it happens and we must have been out of contact for the best part of sixteen or so years, there was a long conversation when we got back in touch I can tell you.

Randomly out of the blue Wayne got back in touch with me and delightfully invited us to attend his wedding, what’s more we were ALL invited which is unusual, all the weddings we usually get offered to don’t include invites for the children so we always have to decline the offer, we come as one unit after all #wearetheduncans 🙂

This all happened pretty much a year ago, as the wedding was at Rowton Castle up in Shropshire and the spaces were limited to stay we booked our place almost immediately, we actually booked at Rowton Barns which is literally a short walk to the castle and very nice indeed.

On the wedding day we all got ourselves ready not really knowing what to expect or who would be there, we headed to the castle and after a little confusion as to where to go we found our way through the castle then out into the gardens where there was a beautiful lawn with seating for a lovely outdoor wedding, considering the weather hadn’t been too kind up until the day, the sun was shining gloriously, although it was a little fresh especially as the day went on.

We all sat down and watched as Tiffany the not so distant future Mrs. Papworth (Looking beautiful) and her wedding party walked from the castle past us to the alter where ready for the marriage ceremony, it seemed like ages, I can’t think what Wayne was feeling waiting for his bride to turn up, I think Henry (their Son) was keeping him busy while the wait was on.

Soon enough she made her way to the altar where there was a short ceremony and then as if by magic the marriage was done and dusted, there were some beautiful readings one in particular really stood out was I think Tiffany’s Grandma, which was both witty and wise, then the pictures began while Canapes were served and the alcohol began to flow.

As aforementioned it was fresh outside and as the light began to fleet that freshness only got fresher so thankfully we all made our way in and awaited to be called in for the wedding breakfast, the staff were furiously running around turning the venue around while the guests continued with drinks flowing from the bar.

Soon enough we were called into a magnificent room where the tables were beautifully decorated ready to have our yummy wedding breakfast (Why they call it breakfast is odd even if there’s a good reason I don’t care!!), we found our table and sat down with another lovely couple and their daughter who we didn’t know but they were very pleasant to share the moment with. Each of the children had a present which was a lovely touch, it gave them something to keep them occupied and feel special.

After all the course were finished, the conventional wedding speeches began, all of them as good as each other followed by the cutting of the cake!

Breakfast was over then it was time to PARTY, and party we did, the drinks flowed, the food continued to flow, the music was pumping and the party was banging, a thoroughly awesome day and evening to follow.

Was awesome to spend time with some awesome people, was particularly lovely to catch up with Wayne’s parents who I haven’t seen since I was a kid, neither of them have changed a bit, all round we were honoured to be part of a special day with some old friends and new friends something that we won’t forget in a hurry, next party?

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