Today Jaycee and I went up the stables and took Sienna and Millie out for a lovely early evening country walk up the bridleway to Buntingford.

Girls were waiting to come in at the gate but so was all the other horses so it was a case of sneak them out quick!

Gave them a good groom tacked them up and then off we went for a lovely summer evening ride.

We had a few lovely trots as Jaycee is just getting the hang of it now 🙂 and the horses seem to enjoy being out just as the sun was going down leaving a gorgeous orange glow in the sky.



Once we got back the girls were all ready for dinner and a nice munch on the hay, after of course we had a selfie with Millie 🐴




    2 replies to "❤ Lovely Early Evening Ride Out With Jaycee ❤"

    • Tom

      Love horses, jealous! My Mum used to sleep in the horse stables when she was 16, she loved it. Eventually she’d get too cold and go home to her own warm bed. Beautiful horse guys!! X

      • Paula Duncan

        Thanks Tom, Come with us one time have a ride and give them a groom 🙂

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